Omya launches new excipients for nutraceutical tablets

Minerals supplier Omya International AG (Switzerland) announced it will launch two new nutraceutical tablet excipients at this year’s Vitafoods Europe trade show taking place in October. Both new excipients are designed to overcome processing challenges for dietary supplements and improve ease of use during manufacturing.

The first new excipient is Omyanutra 300 DC, which is a directly compressible version of Omya’s proprietary functionalized calcium carbonate excipient. Omyanutra 300 DC is said to enable excellent tablet compactability and free-flowing granules.

The second new excipient is Omyanutra 300 Flash, which comes with a superdisintegrant well suited for fast-dissolving tablets. It is said to be ideal for tablet manufacturers seeking an “all-in-one” solution because it provides fast disintegration in orally and fast-dissolving tablets, regardless of the hardness of the solid dosage form. Continue reading here

By Jennifer Grebow – Nutraceutical Outlook

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