Evaluation of Coating Performance of INSTACOAT™ 4G in the Bectochem Perforated Pan


INSTACOAT™ 4G, a high solids, low viscosity formulation allows coating across a broad range of process parameters in any type of a coating equipment. It significantly reduces coating process time and delivers coated tablets with good surface finish. This study evaluates coating uniformity and tablet appearance of Instacoat 4G™ in a fully perforated Bectochem perforated pan.



The INSTACOAT™ 4G coating trial was successfully performed at a batch size of 150 Kg using a 48 inch Bectochem Autocoater Coated tablets were evaluated for appearance, color difference, coating defects and disintegration time at various intervals throughout the coating process. All results were found acceptable. INSTACOAT™ 4G coating system was successfully applied to placebo tablets, achieving good color uniformity within a short process time.


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S. Pareek, K. Oza, S. Negi
Ideal Cures Pvt. Ltd.
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