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Since 2004, Aprecia has been pioneering the technology of 3-Dimensional Printing (3DP) for pharmaceutical formulation and manufacturing. Aprecia manufacturers SPRITAM® (levetiracetam) which is the world’s first and only FDA-approved and marketed 3D-printed medication. The company continues to advance its capabilities to deliver novel drug dosage and delivery platforms to address significant unmet patient needs.

ZipDose® Technology is Aprecia’s first proprietary platform that enables the production of high dose, fast-melt tablets designed for ease of swallowing with just a sip of liquid, as utilized in Spritam® (levetiracetam). ZipDose® can be used to create rapidly disintegrating oral dosage forms with features such as:

  • Delivering ultra-low or high drug loads – even for doses beyond 1,000mg of active pharmaceutical ingredient – an unprecedented range for any other fast melt technology available today
  • Ease of swallowing & administration with no liquid measuring required
  • Diverse patient compliance benefits such as taste masking and modified release capabilities via engineered and coated particles

Why 3D printing?

Aprecia’s additive and compression-free manufacturing approach enables the flexibility, precision, & freedom to design unique, patient-centric medications unachievable through traditional methods.

3DP unlocks the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing!

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Aprecia red dotsWhat is ZipDose® technology exactly?

ZipDose technology is the brand name of Aprecia’s 3DP manufacturing technology related to the formulation of advanced fast melt dosage forms. The name does not refer to the manufacturing process or machinery, but instead relates to the resulting formulations themselves. ZipDose technology is a platform in the sense that the formulation approach has applicability to a broad range of compounds, including both small and large molecules.

Aprecia’s ZipDose technology platform combines materials science with the unique capabilities of powder liquid 3DP to formulate, develop and manufacture high dose fast melt pharmaceutical products. 3DP is the process of manufacturing a product by laying down and stitching together successive layers of a material, including API and excipients, in specifically designed patterns. This novel, flexible technology enables formulation of pharmaceutical products incorporating significantly higher amounts of API than any other fast melt technology currently available on the market, including a pharmaceutical prototype containing 1,300mg of API. ZipDose formulators have identified through careful preliminary evaluation more than 150 compounds that could be compatible with the platform. ZipDose technology is highly customizable and enables a wide range of solutions to the formulation and development of pharmaceutical products. As the ZipDose technology platform can accommodate more than one active ingredient, extended-release technologies and a broad array of taste masking capabilities, future product candidates may well offer multiple layers of product differentiation.

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