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Evonik is one of the world’s leading CDMOs for advanced drug delivery. Our integrated portfolio of functional excipients, technologies and services for the formulation development, process scale-up and cGMP manufacturing of complex oral and parenteral drug products can reduce your project risk, boost performance and increase brand preference.

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For more than 60 years, Evonik has been a preferred global supplier of functional excipients for oral solid dosage forms and complex parenterals. EUDRAGIT® is the world’s leading portfolio of polymethacrylate-based coating systems for the immediate, delayed or sustained release and solubility enhancement of oral solid dosage forms. The new EUDRACAP™ platform of functional ready-to-fill capsules provides best-in-class functional performance and custom versatility for optimized release profiles and accelerated speed-to-market. With EUDRATEC® we have established an extensive portfolio of patent-protected and commercially feasible oral drug delivery technologies to overcome complex formulation challenges.

As one of the world’s leading CDMOs for complex parenteral drug products, our portfolio includes the market leading RESOMER® & LACTEL® portfolio of bioresorbable excipients, as well as CMO services for proprietary excipients. Evonik also offers lipids for injectable lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulations including PhytoChol® vegetal-derived cholesterol & capabilities for custom manufactured lipids. CDMO services include the formulation & process development, GMP manufacturing & aseptic filling of drug products that utilize polymeric or lipid-based delivery technologies.

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Our global network

Evonik operates a global network of trusted manufacturing sites, formulation and application labs and customer support centers across North and South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific to ensure you receive reliable and responsive support.  At each of these sites, customers can leverage the strong, API, excipient, processing and manufacturing expertise of our teams to reduce project risk and optimize product performance.

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EUDRAGIT® functional polymers for oral drug delivery

EUDRAGIT® delivers unrivalled versatility to unlock the potential of APIs targeted for use with dosage forms including multiparticulates, tablets, capsules and films. Able to be used individually or in combination with other oral excipients or substances, EUDRAGIT®-based formulations can be precisely tuned to a range of common release profiles including immediate, delayed, sustained or customized release. A number of solutions are also available to enhance the solubility and bioavailability of oral solid dosage forms.

Immediate Release

Delayed Release: Mid-upper small intestine

Delayed Release: Colonic delivery

Time-Controlled Release

Solubility Enhancement

Cleaning Agents

EUDRACAP™EUDRACAP™ functional ready-to-fill capsules for oral drug delivery


Advanced oral drug delivery technologies

Functional ready-to-fill capsules with customized release profile

  • EUDRACAP™ – The new platform of easy to handle capsules from Evonik

male body with medicineCommon application objectives

  • Good absorption site for peptides / proteins
  • Protection from hydrolyses
  • Protection from enzymatic degradation
  • Extended transit times
  • Viscous environment can affect absorption
  • Variability in disintegration time
  • Avoid side effects under high doses

Drug delivery technologies for upper small intestine targeting

    • Increase gastric resistance and improve intestinal absorption for drug products
      targeting proximal region of small intestine where there is a narrow absorption window

Drug delivery technologies for colon targeting

    • Maintains integrity of coating upon arrival at colon
    • Applicable to all tablets, capsules, and multiparticulates
    • Customizable for accelerated release in the colon
    • Based on approved EUDRAGIT® polymers

Development and manufacturing service for solubility enhancement

EUDRATEC®EUDRATEC® SoluFlow – Solubility enhancement service for particle-engineered free-flowing amorphous solid dispersions

  • Unique emulsion-based process based on standard pharma equipment to manufacture uniform microparticles with a controlled target particle size at high yield
  • Soluble free-flowing amorphous solid dispersion intermediates that can easily be compressed to tablets or filled into capsules
  • Development and manufacturing services of soluble intermediates from lab to commercial scale using mathematical scale-up models and online droplet size measurements

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Our online platform offers you all technical and regulatory support you need for your development. A huge variety of information and interactive tools is available anytime, anywhere, around the world.


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