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Nordic Bioproducts Group (NBG) is a spin-off from Aalto University developing and commercializing smart biotechnologies and biomaterials. Our mission is to create positive impact to world with functional and low-carbon footprint products and technologies.

What is special about NBG?
Nordic Bioproducts Group and Aalto University have developed a novel hydrolysis process to produce Microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) with an exceptionally low carbon footprint. This patented technology is called AaltoCell and it is the most effective way to produce MCC.

The patented AaltoCellTM technology opens a whole new world

for sustainable MCC production.

The technology enables us to reduce chemical consumption by -99%, decrease water usage -55% and cut energy usage by -70% making it the most sustainable hydrolysis process to manufacture MCC. Our MCC has extremely low carbon footprint with GWP value of 429 kg CO²eq/ton, likely lowest in the world. Our main raw material, cellulosic pulp is harvested from FSC-sertified responsibly managed nordic forests.

Image: Nordic Bioproducts Group

NBG’s industrial biotechnology is highly scalable and ready for implementation, offering a fast-track to markets with sustainable technology and bioproducts. We are currently building our first piloting facility, which will start full production in 2024.

MCC pura from Nordic Bioproducts
MCC pura, Image: Nordic Bioproducts Group

Key applications of MCC and MCC derivatives

NBG’s microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) and its derivatives are suitable and highly competitive in a numerous of existing market applications. In addition to existing MCC applications, NBG’s team has also identified new potential applications. Download the brochure here


MCC Pura for Food Ingredients
NBG’s MCC is a safe and hygienic substance, well suited for a variety of food and beverage applications. It consists of insoluble fibres that are energy-free and therefore can be used in reducing calories in various foods. NBG’s MCC improves the stability and texture of food products and provides viscosity control.


Suitable for vegan, GMO-free, Halal and Kosher food and beverage applications. More information

MCC Pura for Skincare
MCC Pura for Skincare


NBG’s MCC and its derivatives are ideal for cosmetic applications due to their high level of hygiene. NBG’s MCC is a renewable, microplastic-free and biodegradable substance that can be used in cosmetics to improve product properties such as consistency and smoothness, for example by preventing caking and increasing viscosity control. In addition, it has skin nourishing properties.

Suitable for both conventional and natural cosmetic applications. More information

MCC Pura for Pharmaceuticals and Supplements

NBG’s MCC and its derivatives are well suited for a variety of pharmaceutical applications as it is a high quality and safe ingredient with low levels of heavy metals. It provides increased flowability which makes it suitable for direct compression of tablets. This speeds up and streamlines the manufacturing process and thus enables higher volumes to be produced. In addition, NBG’s MCC has excellent compressibility, resulting in high quality tablets with excellent mechanical properties.

Technical Specifications MCC Pura

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MCC Pura DC 95 - Particle SizeMCC Pura DC 95 - Particle Size - Bulk density








Product Specifications MCC Pura

MCC Pura DC 95 - Product Specifications
MCC Pura DC 95 – Product Specifications

Tableting specifications MCC Pura

Tableting specifications MCC Pura DC 95
Tableting specifications MCC Pura DC 95

NBG’s MCC has a very low carbon footprint compared to conventional MCC. More information

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