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Gangwal Healthcare Pvt. Ltd  – Powered By Innovation, Driving Health, Wellness & Healing.

More Than 3 Decades Of Immaculate Legacy 

Gangwal Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., part of the prestigious Gangwal Group, has been a pioneer in the Pharmaceutical industry since 1987. Driven by the sense of social wellbeing and the steely determination to make a difference through technology and expertise, Gangwal Healthcare continues to be at the forefront of Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Personal Care sectors in India.

Comptenance That’s Life Changing

Continuing in its path of redefining social wellbeing, as well as being instrumental in wholesome healing, whilst positioning itself as a pathbreaker in personal care, Gangwal Healthcare has primed itself in delivering products and services that are deeply entrenched in the philosophy of bettering quality of lives.

Embodying the core spirit of furthering general wellness, Gangwal Healthcare has a seamless amalgamation of unmatched resource and industry leading know-how in the pivotal areas of research, manufacturing, marketing & sales.

Synergy Of Teamwork & Capability

Our team and their multifaceted skill set, along with the infrastructure and perceptive preparation that goes into planning for the best, gives us a unique vantage point to further our collective aim of attaining the common good for all.

Teamwork turns visions, ideas, and formulations into precision driven products of unmatched quality, nurtured from nascency to grand successes that are tangible differentiators where it matters the most. Today, Gangwal Healthcare products are considered the hallmark of quality.

Combining world class products with empathetic service for our client partners and associates, have enabled us to forge lasting relationships. With trust and reliability further cementing our reputation as a world class partner in the healthcare sector, Gangwal Healthcare is consolidating its position as the preferred supplier, right from Tablets and Capsules to Lactose, Sustained Release Excipients and Sucralose to Sodium Stearyl Fumarate, Acesulfame potassium & Disintegrants, among many others.

Balancing Growth With Responsibility

The Nutraceutical industry is not only among the fastest growing markets in the world, but its importance in protecting lives and fostering a thriving society will only increase with time . As per recent reports, India entails about 2% of the global nutraceutical industry of $400 billion and has potential to be $50 billion by 2025 and $100 billion by 2030.

Every opportunity in commerce is also a responsibility to affect life positively, enabling recovery, cure and lasting health for the precious life around us. We are determined to steer wellness in the most appropriate direction, all the while being flexible and prepared for a world that is embracing a new normal while looking forward to normalcy that epitomizes health and happiness.

Our Journey:

Continued Improvements, Sustaining The Pinnacle Of Standards.

Our journey over the years has been an illustrious exemplification of growth, learning, teamwork, trust, performance etc. As typified by the hallowed history of our parent company, Gangwal Group, we have an inspiring honor board of achievements and highlights that we take great pride in. From being the first, to the fastest, to the most trusted, there has been a myriad of noted embellishment that fuels our desire to be the best with most laurels for facilitating life enhancing possibilities.


Our Values – Our Focus:

Gangwal Healthcare Values and Focus
Gangwal Healthcare Values and Focus

Gangwal Healthcare products

See the product brochure with the overview on pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Transdermal Patches:

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Gangwal Product brochure
Product brochure Gangwal


The role of Excipients has only increased in recent times. It will continue to play an important part in enabling overall wellness. It is the additives added to the formulation along with pharmacologically active substances. The expertise, knowledge, and tools to validate and standardize its formulation is of prime importance to obtain the desired efficacy. Our standout pedigree, including in solid dosage forms, liquid dosage forms, and semisolid dosage forms is a matter of pride for us, and is something that has solidified our eminence in the domain.

Our factories are renowned globally as hi-tech units specializing in the manufacture of Sucralose, SSG, SSF, HPBCD etc.

Excipient Products:

Lubristar - Sodium Steary Fumarate
Lubristar – Sodium Steary Fumarate

Lubristar® brochure

Gangwal Complexol HP
Complexol HP

Complexol brochure


Nutraceuticals have become invaluable in the realm of safety, substantial nutritional value & indelible therapeutic effects etc. Nutraceuticals are considered for its veritable efficacy in the treatment and prevention of different diseases. Nutraceuticals, in its various forms and uses are now considered essential against various disease conditions. Gangwal Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.’s leading knowledge base and proven manufacturing track record has established it as a leading name in the echelons of Nutraceuticals.

Nutraceutical CMOs include:

  • Powder
  • Tablet
  • Capsule
  • Liquid
  • Semi-Solid
  • Protein/Energy Bar

Generic Examples Include: Whey Protein, BCCAs, Astaxanthin Tablets etc..

Manufacturing capabilities:

Patches Manufacturing

In the specialized area of patches’ manufacturing, we hold a pride of place, especially in the category of transdermal patches.

Our range of transdermal patches include, Allopathic Patches, Diclofenac Patches, Ketoprofen Patches Flurbiprofen Patches, Pain Killer and Feminine Pain Relieving Patches.

ODF Manufacturing 

Our expertise and experience in the manufacture of Oral Dissolving Films (ODF) is of distinguished eminence.

We offer a multitude of offerings that includes Vitamin D3, Ondansetron, Sildenafil Citrate, Simethicone ODF.

Contract Manufacturing

 The list of our differentiating capabilities include:

 Committed Research & Sustained Development

 Giving Life To The Unique & Distinguished

 Innovation and revolutionary advances are at the core of our ideology. With our distinguished team of researchers, tools of the latest technology, and the drive to excel, our formulations, designed with the integration of all our resources, are changing the face of the industry.

Our list of products, applications and capabilities shaped by research & innovation include but are not limited to: Tablets, Capsules, Solubilizers, Excipients, Starch, Lactose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicified Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sustained Release Excipients, Sweeteners, Sucralose, Beta Cyclodextrin, Hydroxypropyl Beta Cyclodextrin, Sodium Starch Glycolate, Sodium Stearyl Fumarate, Acesulfame Potassium, Disintegrants etc.


Gangwal Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. products continue to be of the highest quality. They have always delivered on their commitment and we are very happy with their dedication to timeliness and quality.


The products and support provided by Gangwal Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is something we cherish deeply. Their offerings have helped us to scale up our own quality and thereby helping us raise our reputation as a reliable source of pharmaceutical products


Owing to the manufacturing capability, skilled manpower, and diligent management processes of Gangwal Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., they can always be relied upon to deliver the most. No matter the time or scale of our requirement, they have always delivered and we are delighted to be associated with them.


Their formulations which are arrived upon after careful research and development allows us an edge that is pivotal in a market reliant on trust, value and result. Gangwal Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted partner that we see as an essential cog in the wheels of our mutual progress.