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The Role of Excipients in CBD Products

The Role of Excipients in CBD Products

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become an industry panacea that’s finding its way into everything from daily supplements to herbal therapies. The market is thriving, with one in seven US consumers relying on therapeutic CBD oils. The United States spends more than $803 million a year on cannabidiol products. The Benefits of Cannabinoids Broadly, CBD oils…

Cannabinoids with Lipid Excipients

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CBD Solutions from Fuji Chemical

Convert oily actives (CBD oil) into flowable and compressible powder

FujiSil™ is a highly porous silica material. It allows you to convert oily actives into flowable and compressible powder. It is ideal for formulations with CBD oil. Very high adsorption capability Turn your oily active into a free-flowing powder Multi-functional spherical highly porous particles Mask bitter tasting actives Improves…

CBD Solutions from Gattefossé

CBD Solutions from Beneo

Formulation of oily plant extracts using a filler-binder

Oily plant extracts are difficult to formulate into a tablet. Isomalt is a filler-binder that helps to make this process easier and has also very good effects on palatability. See the positive effects of using isomalt in your formulation in the following video: galenIQTM 721 as a filler-binder for oily plant extracts galenIQTM 721…