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Gattefossé is a leading provider of lipid excipients and formulation solutions to healthcare industries worldwide. We are committed to delivering high quality excipients, technical support and inspiring your formulations. With an in-depth knowledge of lipid excipient physicochemical and functional properties, we are your reliable partner for drug development.

Our expertise

For almost 140 years, successive generations of scientists have been contributing to the development of Gattefossé’s know-how in plant extraction and lipochemistry. This expertise has extended throughout the years to other complementary fields with the aim to develop, produce and market first-class products and services of a consistently high quality, while leading the way for innovation and creativity.


Present in more than 60 countries worldwide, our network of fully trained experts can provide you with technical and marketing assistance based on thorough knowledge of our products and your markets. Ever seeking to improve our products and services, we focus on analyzing global market drivers to understand the priorities of customers as they respond to changing consumer expectations. Motivated by a sense of responsibility and our commitment to strengthening relationships and trust, we strive to think ahead of our customers’ needs by providing innovative solutions and products. Gattefossé has mobilized the following resources so you benefit from the best support:


  • 12 sales affiliates and more than 60 distributors worldwide,
  • excellent local technical and sales support,
  • 4 application laboratories—in France, China, India, and the US—for formulation troubleshooting, special product developments, or exclusive prototypes,
  • attentive and responsive customer service and personalized follow-up

Our Products

Lipid Nanoparticles

Lipid-based nanocarriers are promising tools to deliver APIs, including peptides, as their nanosize are in favour of transepithelial transport.

Solid Lipid Nanoparticles  (SLN) are composed of lipids in solid state at room and body temperature, usually long chain triglycerides or partial glyceride, fatty acids, waxes, etc.
Precirol® ATO 5 is the preferred solid lipid carrier as it is digestible and exhibits a low melting point (around 50-55°C).

Nanostructured Lipid Carriers (NLC) contain both solid and liquid lipid at room and body temperature. The liquid lipids act as crystallization inhibitors of the solid lipid.
Capryol® 90 is the preferred liquid lipid excipient.

New Maisine CC product imageMaisine® CC

A short introduction to Maisine® CC, the new pharmaceutical oil from Gattefossé, a solubility and oral bioavailability enhancer! Maisine® CC is Gattefossé’s tradename for Glycerol/Glyceryl monolinoleate (EP, USP-NF), also known as corn oil mono-, di-, and triglycerides and corn glycerides (FDA IID).

This unique pharmaceutical oil has a long and successful history of use in lipid-based formulation (LBF) for oral bioavailability enhancement. In LBF Maisine® is associated with drug solubilization and increased oral bioavailability and in certain cases mitigation of food effect and lymphatic drug absorption – thereby reducing first-pass metabolism.


Oral drug delivery

Functional lipid excipients are designed to meet the most pressing formulation challenges in drug development:

oral-drug-delivery-excipient-gattefossePoor solubility, permeability and bioavailability, with lipid-based drug delivery systems consisting of single or multiple excipients, forming oily formulations, self-emulsifying (SEDDS) and self-microemulsifying (SMEDDS) formulations or micellar solutions. Examples: Labrasol® ALF and Labrasol®


modified-or-sustained-release-excipient-gattefosseModified or sustained-release lipid matrices that are water-insoluble and do not swell or erode when in contact with aqueous media. They form an inert matrix from which the drug diffuses slowly over time.


taste-masking-excipient-gattefosseProtection of sensitive API and taste-masking when used in melt processes, due to the formation of a film coating around the drug particle.


lubricant-excipient-gattefosseLubricant for challenging pharmaceutical tablets and capsules, with inert excipients eliminating the drug-excipient incompatibility issues.


Poster presentation with Sophie Hughes

Topical drug delivery

Functional lipid excipients are used to formulate creams, lotions, ointments, oily and aqueous gels and foams.

Imprtopical-drug-delivery-excipientoved texture and sensorial properties positively impact patient experience and adherence to treatment. Optimizing stability, texture and sensorial qualities of a topical product can be achieved with the selection of the right combination of emulsifiers and consistency agents.

transdermal-drug-delivery-excipient-gattefosseTransdermal drug delivery can be achieved by the selection of suitable solubilizers, skin penetration enhancers and solvents enabling the passage through the skin.

Rectal and vaginal drug delivery

Functional lipid excipients are used to formulate suppositories, pessaries, creams, ointments and foams.

rectal-drug-delivery-excipient-gattefosseOur well-established hard fat bases for suppositories and pessaries optimize drug delivery for a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients and manufacturing equipment.


vaginal-drug-delivery-excipient-gattefosseAlternative dosage forms for rectal or vaginal mucosal delivery can be formulated with our safe and non-irritant emulsifiers and thickeners.


Gattefosse lipid excipients product catalogue 2022
Product catalogue 2022

Brochure_Oral drug delivery with Gattefosse lipid excipients_1
Oral drug delivery

Gattefosse_brochure_topical drug delivery with lipid excipients
Topical drug delivery

Brochure_Rectal drug delivery with lipid excipients
Rectal drug delivery

Brochure_Gattefosse lipid excipients for cannabinoid drug products
Cannabinoid drug products

rochure_Gattefosse Lipid Excipients in Pediatric Dosage
Pediatric medicines

Gattefosse Compritol 888 ATO A smart solution to sustain drug release
Compritol 888 ATO (1)

Compritol_888_ato lubricant for challenging pharmaceutical tablets
Compritol 888 ATO (2)

Brochure_Gelucire 44 14_ Self-emulsifying excipient for solubility and oral bioavailability enhancement
Gelucire 44/14

Gelucire 48-16_solubility and bioavailability enhancer from Gattefosse_1
Gelucire 48/16

Maisine CC_gattefosse pharmaceutical oil for solubility and bioavailability enhancement_1
Maisine CC

Brochure_Tefose-63_oil-in-water emulsifier for topical dosage forms_1
Tefose 63

International technical support

With an international network of technical representatives and Technical Centers of Excellence in USA, France, India and China, Gattefossé provides bespoke technical and regulatory support to accelerate drug development.


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