Pharma Line Inc.


Pharma Line Inc.

Pharma Line Inc. started in June 2001 as a trading Company mainly pharmaceutical excipients and API.

Amongst other products Pharma Line Inc. offers Carnauba Wax Pellets as a hydrophobic starter pellet.


Carnauba Wax Pellets (USP/NF, Ph. Eur)

Carnauba wax pellets as hydrophobic core for controlled release pellet formulations

In some formulations a hydrophobic core is needed to achieve the desired dissolution profile. Carnauba wax pellets do not require an additional waterimpermeable layer between the core and drug-containing layer to achieve a sigmoidal or zero-order release profile.


Available Particle Sizes

60/80 mesh (150 – 250 µm)

35/60 mesh (250 – 500 µm)

25/35 mesh (500 – 700 µm)

18/20 mesh (850 – 1000 µm)


Specification: min. 85% within the specified range



Technical Data Sheet Carnauba Wax Pellets
Technical data sheet for CARNAUBA WAX.pd
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