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At DuPont, we aim to help our pharma customers with both every day challenges and future solutions so they can deliver on the promise of a healthier life.  Armed with essential excipients and vital expertise, our portfolio is designed to deliver performance and cost advantages in various oral solid dosage forms. Couple that with leading QbD programs, regulatory expertise and a wide network of global technical experts, we can help deliver a consistent, high-quality offering, at the right time, every time.

DuPont draws from the rich experience of historically market-leading excipient companies who pioneered brands like Avicel®, METHOCEL™, Ac-Di-Sol®, and POLYOX®. Find all DuPont products here

Whether you’re creating modified release formulations, looking for efficient binding, coating or taste masking, seeking to enhance the solubility of APIs or to launch vegetarian soft/hard capsules for a growing population, we can help.

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Broad Excipient Portfolio and Polymer Expertise

DuPont provides solutions for tablets, capsules, multi-particulates and suspensions in immediate, delayed, and sustained release; enhanced bioavailability; and robust encapsulation. We also have extensive expertise in optimizing critical material attributes and facilitating robust formulation and process early in product development.

Regulatory Depth
We have a demonstrated track record of helping customers more seamlessly navigate this dynamic area. Our product stewardship, quality and regulatory specialists across the globe work in strong collaboration withthe International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council to address the challenges of our customers and successfully develop and formulate approved systems.

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Dupont Granulation

Vital Manufacturing and Quality Expertise
Our Quality by Design initiatives support formulation and scale-up activities. Components, such as historical manufacturing data and variability analysis (Multivariate Analysis) help improve scale up and ensure robust manufacturing process. and lower manufacturing costs. Five of DuPont’s manufacturing facilities have EXCiPACT GMP Certification Standards.

A Passion for Solving and Sharing
We believe knowledge sharing drives innovation and generates answers to pressing challenges. We work with customers through our Health by Design programs to optimize current formulations and brainstorm future possibilities for our industry.


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Our Solutions: