Current Practices in Wet Granulation-Based Generic Product Development

Wet granulation is one of the most important unit operations in the production of pharmaceutical dosage forms. This chapter describes various wet granulation methodologies, with major focus on high-shear wet granulation (HSWG) and fluid bed granulation (FBG) processes. Current industrial practices, including application of quality by design…

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Critical Material Attributes in Wet Granulation

Quality by design (QbD) is a scientific and risk-based approach applicable throughout the product development process. The QbD principles are outlined in the ICH guidelines (Q8, Q9, and Q10) and are aimed at establishing a systematic methodology for releasing quality pharmaceutical products into the…

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Excipient Basics

“Pharmaceutical excipients are substances other than the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) that have been appropriately evaluated for safety and are intentionally included in a drug delivery system.”

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Excipients for Direct Compression

There is a wide range of excipients for direct compression with different functions available in the market.We put together an initial overview as a list of products available for download and commenting.

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Excipient selection considerations

Excipient selection considerations

Roles of Excipients

Roles of Excipients

Sweeteners Introduction

What are Sweeteners?