A fast strategy for profiling and identifying pharmaceutic excipient polysorbates

Polysorbates, a group of nonionic surfactants, are widely used as pharmaceutic excipient. Their quality and safety are closely related to their profiles, including composition, structure, proportion and polyoxyethylene (POE) polymerization degree. However, due to complex composition and similar skeletons, it is difficult and time-consuming to…

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List of drugs that need generic alternatives shared by USFDA and China

In its continuous endeavor to bolster the competitiveness of the generics market, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated its list of ‘off-patent, off-exclusivity drugs without an approved generic’. This update is part of FDA’s initiative to improve transparency and encourage the…

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Excipients for Direct Compression

There is a wide range of excipients for direct compression with different functions available in the market.We put together an initial overview as a list of products available for download and commenting.

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Excipient Basics

Drug Master Files List

Drug Master Files

Flavors Introduction

What are Flavors?

Roles of Excipients

Roles of Excipients