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who advances drug delivery? we do.


Ashland’s pharmaceutical business is core to the company’s organic growth. As such, we’re focusing resources on high value applications to meet customer priorities.

Well known for acetylenics, cellulosics, and film coatings, our polymers have a rich and diverse history supporting active pharmaceutical ingredient delivery. Using careful design and compositional selection, our scholarly, cited scientists possess the formulation and process expertise to match polymer architecture, material and physical characteristics to meet the challenges facing the most demanding pharma applications.






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Overview Ashland excipients portfolio

Ashland excipients portfolio overview
Ashland portfolio overview

Ashland excipient portfolio for parenteral drugs  

Enroute to global leadership in polymers and excipients for parenteral formulation needs that include solubilizers, stabilizers, viscosity modifiers and long-acting parenteral formulations, Ashland is unique in this segment because we offer single sourcing of key excipients along with experienced technical support to solve complex formulation challenges

  • parenteral formulations require excipients of the highest quality
  • Ashland’s high-quality excipient portfolio meets industry standard

Ashland parenteral solutions

Focus on viatel™ long-acting bioresorbable polymers

product Viatel by Ashland
Viatel by Ashland

viatelTM bioresorbable polymers control release over time. These polymers are the building blocks for developing long-acting injectable depots, an established technology to improve therapeutic efficacy and patient compliance. viatel™ polymers are typically formulated into microspheres, solid implants, nanoparticles, or in-situ depots. All viatel™ bioresorbable polymers can be custom produced with defined chemical structures, molar masses (molecular weight or inherent viscosity) and selective terminal end groups.




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Focus on vialoseTM, lyoprotectant and stabilizer

vialose™ trehalose dihydrate is a premier performance sugar resistant to acid hydrolysis and enzymatic cleavage. It is used to protect and shield biologic APIs, recombinant proteins, and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) from degradation and aggregation and to stabilize and protect valuable components during the lyophilization process.

product vialose by ashland
vialose by ashland

Focus on cavitronTM cyclodextrins

cavitronTM cyclodextrins (hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrin) are the perfect substances for increasing solubility and enhancing bioavailability. They are manufactured to high purity standards for low bioburden and endotoxins.


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Ashland excipient portfolio for OSDF  

Ashland OSDF portfolio
Ashland OSDF excipient portfolio

We advance drug delivery by offering the broadest portfolio of cellulosic and vinyl pyrrolidone-based polymeric excipients available in the industry. Our success comes from achieving target release profiles, reducing our customers total cost in use, and improving speed to market while providing functional benefits like drug solubilization and rheology modification. We are a full-service pharmaceutical technology resource for controlled release, tablet binding, film coating and disintegration.

Our experts around the world can help you on your projects by supporting you on:

  •        agglomeration
    •        dry granulation
    •        wet granulation
  •        spray drying
  •        coating
  •        hot-melt extrusion (HME)
  •        tablet compaction
  •        continuous manufacturing


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Focus on klucelTM EXF and EXF Ultra HPC, tablet binders



Tablet binder exicpients Ashland

klucel™ hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) provide a remarkable set of physical properties for tablet binding, modifed release, film coating, and hot melt extrusion.

klucel™ EXF Ultra HPC is an ultra-fine tablet binder that assures formulation predictability, reliability and robustness. klucel™ EXF Ultra HPC provides enhanced tablet strength and low friability with the most difficult to compress active pharmaceutical ingredients even at low usage levels.

Focus on klucellTM xtend HPC

Extended release matrix former klucelTMextend is the new product in the klucellTM  line, offering unsurpassed process versatility and release profile efficiency. This step change product has been shown to match the release profile of widely used hypromellose controlled-release formulations with half the polymer concentration. klucel™ xtend HPC is the only cellulosic excipient that provides a compendial extended-release polymer option for hot-melt extrusion (HME).

Focus benecel™ XRF and benecel™ DC, controlled release excipients


benecel™ hypromellose (hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose or HPMC) is a versatile excipient with a variety of applications. HPMC is the most widely used polymer in hydrophilic matrix systems with widespread use in controlled-release dosage forms.

benecel™ XRF HPMC are fine particle grades designed for optimal performance in large-scale, high speed tableting.

benecel™ DC HPMC is a surface modified, co-processed excipient resulting in significant improvements related to powder flow and processability which is not enabled by direct blends.

Focus on aquariusTM film-coatings, ready-to-use film coatings


aquariusTM line of fully formulated coating solutions are practical, efficient, and elegant and they provide effective, high-quality coatings that offer an optimum balance of film strength and adhesion, even for challenging cores and release profiles. The line includes titanium dioxide free options.

Ashland experts will support you through your projects through trainings, color-matchings, trouble shootings.

Ashland film-coating portfolio


Focus on Aquarius™ Genesis, the new generation high solids film-coatings


Aquarius Genesis by Ashland
Aquarius Genesis

aquarius™ genesis film coating systems are new products in this line, offering significant improvements in film coating process productivity with high solids, exceptional adhesion and elegant tablet appearance; you can realize faster coating times and reduced energy usage.






Ashland excipients for liquid dosage forms

Ashland excipients for liquid dosage forms
Ashland excipients for liquid dosage forms

Focus on cyclodextrins

CAVAMAX* native cyclodextrins have the ability to act as molecular containers by entrapping molecules in their internal cavities. The resulting inclusion complexes are used many applications: to increase water solubility of poorly soluble drugs to improve bioavailability, to taste mask bitter actives for use in chewable and orally disintegrating tablet applications, to stabilize drug actives to inhibit light and oxidative degradation.

CAVASOL* are 2-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin (HPBCD) and 2-hydroxypropyl-gama-cyclodextrin (HPGCD) products. These cyclodextrin derivates, like the native cyclodextrins, have the ability to act as molecular container.

*registered trademarks owned by Wacker Chemie AG. Ashland Inc. acts as a worldwide distributor for Wacker.

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Ashland product overview product range
Ashland Product Overview

Viatel™ Ultrapure

benecel™ XRF



Aquarius™ pharma overview

Aquarius™ genesis


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