Focusing On Your Formulation Needs

BASF produces excipients and active ingredients of outstanding quality and performance. With our unique expertise in polymer chemistry, our research & development capabilities and our clear commitment to developing excipients, BASF has continuously created solutions that contribute to your success and to more efficient pharmaceuticals. We deliver value added functional solutions to your formulation challenges by leveraging our expertise in delivery systems and related technologies. Our team of experienced industry specialists support you in developing effective, reliable formulations. Read more here.


Our Platforms – Your Access to BASFs Solution Offer
BASF has been committed to the pharmaceutical industry since we introduced our original Kollidon® in the early 20th century. Since then we have continuously expanded our solution offer. Today we solve unmet formulation needs and offer intelligent solutions for today and tomorrow’s challenges in drug formulation. Our dedicated solution platforms based on current pharmaceutical market needs help you to find what you are looking for.


red gear logoInstant & Modified Release

Ensuring the precision you need – every time.

With our broad portfolio of functional excipients for instant and modified release dosage forms, we offer a wide range of formulation possibilities to obtain the exact release properties you desire.

Eighty years ago, we invented PVP (marketed under the brand name Kollidon®) and have continued to expand our portfolio ever since – with innovative, multifunctional excipients such as Kollicoat® IR, Kollidon® VA64 and Ludiflash® . Our products reflect our dedication to highly effective, reliable, and resource-efficient solutions that help you confidently design the dosage form that you need. Read more about Instant & Modified Release here.


BASF icon of solubilizationSolubilization

Unlocking the full potential of your API

Poorly soluble drugs are one of the major challenges pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing. BASF offers a wide range of highly effective solubilization excipients and has an unparalleled understanding of the corresponding process technologies. This unique combination enables you to achieve effective solubilization and bioavailability in various dosage forms – from solid dispersions to lipid-based drug delivery systems. Moreover, we are a highly successful pioneer in the application of hot-melt extrusion technology in pharmaceutical production – helping you to achieve effectiveness.

Parenteral applications require excipients of highest quality. Solubilizers and co-solvents are the most widely employed excipients in these formulations. BASF offers a wide range of high-quality solubilization excipients and has unparalleled experience in quality and regulatory affairs, as well as solubility enhancement strategies.

In addition, our technical experts have access to industry-leading tools and analytics, coupled with a deep and profound understanding of our excipients, which allows us to enable you to tackle their formulation challenges rapidly and efficiently. More on Solubilization here.


BASF Skin delivery iconSkin Delivery

Helping to fine-tune your ideal composition

BASF offers an unparalleled portfolio of excipients for topical formulations. Our range of solubilizers and penetration enhancers supports effective delivery of the target API – the number-one priority when designing any dermatological product.

At the same time, we have focused on improving the mildness of formulations. And by extensively analyzing, refining, and enhancing the sensorial effects of each ingredient class, we can help you to create products that increase patient compliance.

Additionally, BASF works closely with leading global organizations on the design, evaluation, and microstructure of semi-solid formulations. More information on Skin Delivery.



For over 75 years, BASF has been driving excellence in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Backed by this experience, we offer a proven portfolio of products that delivers consistent safety and reliability.

We have achieved worldwide leadership in generic actives such as ibuprofen and omega-3. With a strong international presence, BASF is a truly global partner that can also offer reliable local support. For more information about BASF APIs click here.