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Excipio Chemicals is a distribution company dedicated to excipients and empty hard capsules. We offer a complete portfolio of excipients for oral solid dosage forms. Our core markets are Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, though we proudly serve clients across Europe from our GDP certified warehouse.


Excipients for the Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Industries

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We provide our customers in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries with excipients for the production of oral solid dosage forms that meet the highest quality and regulatory standards.

We offer advice and support in selecting the right excipients to achieve economically and technologically viable solutions for your product. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any request you may have.




Our portfolio includes all products within the excipients category. We specialize in offering cost-effective alternatives to your current sources, without compromising on the availability of highly innovative excipients.

Please find a selection of our products below:

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Mr. Jonas Hummel

About Excipio Chemicals

Backed by our own experiences, we possess an in-depth knowledge of the excipients industry. Our experts have several years of experience working for leading excipients manufacturers. As a result, our expertise lies not only in our knowledge about the requirements and expectations of users in product quality and delivery services, but also in understanding the mindset of manufacturers, thereby ensuring a smooth collaboration between all stakeholders.

Benefit from our expertise and experience in the world of excipients. With the support of our strong supplier network, we always find the right solutions to your challenges.


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Are you looking for specific excipients or do you need help selecting those that meet your needs? Would you be interested in receiving an alternative proposal for an excipient you already use?
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