Our history began with research and development.

Since our first success in synthesizing basic magnesium carbonate from bittern(a component of seawater) in Japan, Tomita has been a pioneer in the inorganic chemical industry for over 120 years.
We have supplied high-quality inorganic materials, and is currently a leading supplier or innovative powder-form dialysate contributing to the improvement of operation of medical profession and QOL of patients.

”Creating New Value with Our Unique Technology”

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Multifunctional inorganic excipient


FLORITE® offers many advantages for various applications such as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, and other industrial uses.
FLORITE® is a synthetic calcium silicate with exceptional liquid absorbency and excellent compressibility due to a unique crystal structure.
FLORITE® is a multifunctional excipient, which can be used as an API stabilizer and extended-release carrier, in addition to its use as an excellent carrier and binder.

A unique petaloid crystal structure⋆

unique crystal structure Tomita FLORITE series


⋆:Deep and large volume macropores from a unique petaloid crystal structure


What is FLORITE® capable of?

FLORITE - spectrum of capabilities
FLORITE – spectrum of capabilities

Unlike the pore structure of any other porous material, FLORITE®’s unique petaloid crystal structure forms macropores with a large volume within the particle.These macropores are the key factor for the absorbing capacity. FLORITE® has the ability to absorb and retain an amount of liquid which is approximately five times its own weight. The macropores develop deeply in the vertical direction, and thus the openings of these pores have small areas compared to their volumes. This protects the liquid in the pores from being affected by oxygen, vapor, or other elements in the external environment.

FLORITE - Liquid Absorbency
FLORITE – Liquid Absorbency

FLORITE® offers the powderization of oily ingredients and the realization of the powder form and tablet form of oily ingredients.
A mixture of 100g of FLORITE® and 100g of fish oil, was mixed to obtain fish oil powder with respective liquid absorbing rations of 1:1.
Separately, silicon dioxide was used, and the same procedure was followed to obtain a fish oil powder with liquid absorbing ratio of 1:1 as a reference.
FLORITE® also increases the hardness of tablets and prevents the lamination of tablets and bleeding of oily ingredients.

Tablet-hardness-Leakage-and-lamination Florite by Tomita

Improvement of compressibility and disintegration speed of tablets

In the compression process, the crystal structure of FLORITE® is easily broken at low pressure, and each petaloid structure binds together strongly to
exhibit superior binding capability. It can achieve the necessary hardness with minimal pressure, by adding FLORITE® to your formulation.
In addition, it suppresses the lamination of tablets and longer disintegration times caused by high striking pressure and also reduces damage not only to the mortar and pestle but also to the main body of the tableting machine.
It improves the moldability of tablets, and depending on the formulation, it can be manufactured by a direct tableting method excluding the granulation process.

Disintegration Time shortened by the use of FLORITE®
Disintegration Time shortened by the use of FLORITE®

Product List

Product List Tomita

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Recommended application

  • Powderization and Carrier of Vitamins, Essential Oils, Fragrances, Flavors and Liquid APIs.
  • Solubility Improvement of Poorly Soluble APIs.
  • Producibility Improvement in Compression Process.
  • Binding Booster for Poorly Compressible Formulations.

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