Everyone wins — the benefits of an excipient GMP certification programme

Making a case for GMP certification of an excipient manufacturer should be a straightforward exercise since the benefits appear so clear cut and regulatory guidance in the EU underscores the value of certification.


Specifically, Chapter 3 of the EMA Guidance on formalised risk assessments to determine the appropriate GMP for a pharmaceutical excipient states that ‘certification of quality systems and/or GMP by the excipient manufacturer and the standards against which these have been granted should be considered as such certification may fulfil the requirements’.

Furthermore, FDA participation in the development of a consensus standard, NSF/IPEC/ANSI 363 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for pharmaceutical excipients, reinforces agency interest in ensuring pharmaceutical excipients are manufactured to an appropriate GMP standard.


Benefits for the manufacturer

As an excipient certification body, one of the primary benefits is significantly improved quality systems and quality compliance at the excipient manufacturer. We have seen these improvements in the months leading up to GMP certification and continuing during the years immediately following GMP certification. Some excipient manufacturers were already at a high level of GMP compliance, and GMP certification provided confirmation of the maturity of their quality programme. Other manufacturers needed to make significant improvements to their quality systems and, in some cases, their facilities in order to meet the requirements of the NSF/IPEC/ANSI 363 standard.

Yet, both groups of companies have realised the benefit of increased operator risk awareness, more effective internal audits, greater process understanding, increased cross-functional communication, and clear evidence of management’s commitment to quality management principles. These benefits are often difficult to monetise, however, a single problem avoided through increased operator GMP awareness can result in significant cost avoidance.


Benefits for the customer

Excipient customers will typically modify their oversight of excipient manufacturers that have been GMP certified.


Continue reading in  EPM Magazine – Article by  Jim Morris from NSF International, which summarises the benefits of an excipient GMP certification programme (ECP) both from the point of view of the excipient manufacturer and the excipient Customer.


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Graph: epmmagazine.com
Graph: epmmagazine.com

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