HPMC-Eudragit-Based Gastro-retentive Hydrodynamically Balanced System


In this study HPMC-eudragit based hydrodynamically balanced capsules of two model drugs; propranolol HCl and ofloxacin were prepared with the aim to have the gastric retention of the systems for longer periods of time with desired sustained/ controlled drug release.


Gastro-retentive capsules were prepared by simple physical blending of various low density polymers and filling into capsules. These capsules were subjected to in vitro buoyancy/ matrix integrity and dissolution studies. Weight variation, content uniformity test, UV spectral analysis and placebo interaction studies were also performed.


Preliminary studies revealed that high soluble drug required higher polymer ratios to sustain drug release and maintain matrix integrity/ buoyancy than low soluble drug. In both the cases, with increase in HPMC and eudragit S100 levels there was an increase in matrix integrity and decrease in drug release rate, however much higher levels of eudragit S100 decreased matrix integrity and buoyancy. Lactose (release rate modifier) decreased matrix integrity, buoyancy and increased drug release. Mechanism of release in the both cases was found to be anomalous „non-fickian“.


From this research and the literature available on the eudragit and HPMC matrix systems, it is evident that different categories of drugs (suitable for gastric retention), ranging from freely soluble to sparingly soluble can be suitably formulated as HPMC-eudragit based GR HBS capsules with desired drug release characteristics, provided no chemical instability/ incompatibility occurs between the drug and the polymers.

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