Learn more about carboxymethyl chitosan for the controlled release of propranolol

Propranolol hydrochloride is a nonselective β-adrenergic drug and has been used as angina pectoris, antihypertensive, and that of many other cardiovascular disorders. It has a relatively short plasma half-life and duration of action are considered too short in certain circumstances. Thus, it’s fascinating to elongate the action. The tablet formula was based on extended-release by a propranolol hydrochloride based carboxymethyl chitosan matrix. Here we used direct compression technique with internal wet granulation to prepare the tablets. The tablets were evaluated for physical properties (hardness, weight variation test, friability) and in vitro release studies. There was no interaction observed between propranolol hydrochloride and excipients. Dissolution profiles of each formulation were followed zero order model. In conclusion, these results strongly suggest that in appropriate proportions carboxymethyl chitosan with internal granulation is suitable for formulating propranolol hydrochloride controlled release.


Development and in vitro evaluation of carboxymethyl chitosan based drug delivery system for the controlled release of propranolol hydrochloride
Hernawan1*, Septi Nur Hayati1, Khoirun Nisa1, Anastasia Wheni Indrianingsih1, Cici Darsih1, Muhammad Kismurtono1
1 Research Unit for Natural Products Technology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science 101 (2017) 012038 dos:10.1088/1755-1315/101/1/012038
Development and in vitro evaluation of c
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