Multiple Unit Particle Systems (MUPS) – a drug delivery strategy

In oral drug delivery modified release dosage forms (MRD) plays an important role in regulating the drug delivery to improve the quality of therapy. One excellent technique to formulate MRDs is multiple unit particle systems (MUPS), where the dosage form is distributed over multiple units rather than a single unit. This unique feature of MUPS makes them a suitable candidate for the delivery of different types of drug molecules for a variety of therapeutic purposes. The current techniques like  fluidized bed granulation and, extrusion and spheronization are promising in maintaining uniformity of dosage form and successful drug delivery at the desired site or maintaining the desired time profile of drug delivery. Apart from formulation strategies more focus is required in process optimization and scale-up issues to broaden the range of application of MUPS to different drug candidates and drug delivery systems.


Multiple Unit Particle Systems (MUPS), a Versatile Strategy for Controlled Drug Delivery: Focus on Formulation and Process Concerns
Kallakunta VR, Sarabu S and Tiwari RV*
Department of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery, School of Pharmacy, The University of Mississippi, University, Mississippi 38677, USA
Kallakunta et al., J Formul Sci Bioavailab 2017, 1:1
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 Multiple Unit Particle Systems (MUPS) Tablets
Foto: Selfcare Journal – Pellet structure apparent in broken MUPS® tablets
Glatt Pharmaceutical Services CDMO for mulitparticulates

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