Nanoparticle debate: Replacement of TiO2 in Filmcoatings?


The French authorities communicated the plan to ban Titan Dioxide from food products by end to this year.

  • Who will follow the French example?
  • What will be the impact for the pharmaceutical industry?
  • How fast this will happen?
  • What are the consequences on existing formulations in respect of such a change?
  • What are your concerns?
  • What do you think about other ingredients, such as iron oxides, silica and talc, which could be concidered as nanoparticles?
  • You are welcome to share your opinions, suggestions and experience.Join this group to be part of the change.

A LinkedIn Discussion Group to cover the topic has been initiated:

Nanoparticle debate: Replacement fo TiO2 in Filmcoatings?


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