Reshaping drug development using 3D printing

The pharmaceutical industry stands on the brink of a revolution, calling for the recognition and embracement of novel techniques. 3D printing (3DP) is forecast to reshape the way in which drugs aredesigned, manufactured, and used. Although a clear trend towards personalised fabrication is perceived, here we accentuate the merits and shortcomings of each technology, providing insights intoaspects such as the efficiency of production, global supply, and logistics. Contemporary opportunities for 3DP in drug discovery and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing are unveiled,offering a forward-looking view on its potential uses as a digitised tool for personalised dispensing of drugs.


3DP is forecasted to become the single biggest disruptive technology.

3DP has offered contemporary opportunities to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry.

3DP could open up new avenues for in vitro testing of drug response and toxicology.

3DP would serve as an ideal solution for customised production on a small scale.

3D printing

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