Technological solutions for encapsulation


Encapsulation offers broad scope of applications. It can be used to deliver almost everything from advanced drugs to unique consumer sensory experiences; it could be also employed as a protection system or a sensing material. This cutting-edge technology undergoes rapid growth in both academic and industrial conditions. Research in this matter is continuing to find a new application of microcapsules as well as to improve the methods of their fabrication. Therefore, in this review, we focus on the art of the encapsulation technology to provide the readers with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of up-to-day development of microcapsule preparation methods. Our goal is to help identify the major encapsulation processes and by doing so maximize the potential value of ongoing research efforts.



Tylkowski, B., Trojanowska, A., Nogalska, A., et al. (2017). Technological solutions for encapsulation . Physical Sciences Reviews, 0(0), pp. -. Retrieved 14 Aug. 2017, from doi:10.1515/psr-2017-0020
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Technological solutions for encapsulation.

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