Pharma Excipients Poster Award 2018: Check the winners

Pharma Excipients Poster Award 2018

We are very excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Pharma Excipients Poster Award!

With this poster award we wanted to increase the visibility of all the work put into preparation of pharmaceutical and excipient posters for the different congresses, share this knowledge and award the 3 best posters. The winners have not been chosen by a jury but by you – the Pharma Excipients community.

Until August 31, 2018 Pharma Excipients received over 35 great posters from all over the world, which we can proudly call a success. In consideration, that this was our first pharmaceutical poster award, we are very pleased that there was such a great interest and interaction and so many votes during the whole process.

As you probably know, our voting phase started on September 15, 2018 and ended at January 31, 2019 with several hundred regular votes from all over the world. It was pretty close in the first weeks, but some posters asserted themselves and now we got the winners!


Check all posters of the 2018 Pharma Excipients Poster Award!

They are very interesting and give you a lot of knowledge.


The prizes and advantages are: 

  • Their poster was visible during the whole “poster session” of several months and afterwards a lot of people with scientific and pharmaceutical background had a look at your work
  • They share their results and knowledge with much more people than at a normal event.

1. Place: 1500€

2. Place: 1000€

3. Place:   500€


First of all, we want to thank every participant of the 2018 Pharma Excipients Poster Award! In fact, every participant is a winner. You chose to share your information with the world and provide a continuous flow of knowledge for the rest of us. Thank you for this!



Congratulations to the winners!

This prize is supposed to be a little recognition for all your efforts.



The third prize goes to: 


Co-processed excipients for Dispersible Tablets – Manufacturability and Patient Acceptability

from K. Dziemidowicz, F. L. Lopez, B.J. Bowles, A.J. Edwards, T.B. Ernest, M. Orlu, C. Tuleu


Scientific poster on co-processed excipients for dispersible tablets
Co-Processed excipients for Dispersible Tablets



The second prize with 1000€ goes to: 


Effect of co-processed spray dried sodium alginate and dibasic calcium phosphate on release characteristics

from R. Shah,  A. Avachat


scientif poster on effect of co-processed sodium alginate on drug release characterstics
Effect of co-processed sodium alginate and dibasic calcium phospate on release characteristics




See the video summary of this year’s winner poster:

The first prize with 1500€ goes to: 

Plant Seed Components as Pharmaceutical Excipients: Give a thought!

from Dr. Deokar Gitanjali. S, Dr. Kshirsagar Sanjay. J 


Scientific poster on using plant seed components as pharmaceutical excipients
Plant Seed Components as Pharmaceutical Excipients: Give a thought!
“Pave a Way to Save Mother Nature”.



The winners will be directly informed via E-Mail.

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Badge of the winner of the poster award
Pharma Excipients Poster Award 2018