Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Drug Delivery Applications

Patient to patient variability is one of the issues when administering medications to individuals with different health conditions, pharmacokinetic, age, fitness, gender, and race. This requires introducing smart and personalised drug delivery systems with controlled release profile manufactured using novel approaches.

Additive manufacturing (AM) provides opportunities such as full customisation, design freedom, and on-site manufacturing, and materials recycling. As a result, the academic and industrial demand for additive manufacturing for drug delivery has been continuously increasing and showing impressive results for a wide range of products.

This paper provides an extensive overview of AM technologies and their applications for drug delivery. The review discusses AM technologies including their working principles, processed materials, as well as current progress in drug delivery to produce personalized dosages for every patient with controlled release profile. AM potentials, industrial scale, and challenges are investigated with regards to practice and industrial applications. The paper covers novel possibilities of AM technologies and their pharmaceuticals applications, which indicate a promising healthcare future. More on manufacturing technoliogies

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