JRS PHARMA is pleased to announce cDMF filings with the NMPA for many of their excipient products for use in China.

As one of the industry leaders in excipient solutions, JRS PHARMA strives for global regulatory compliance. In order to manufacture and sell pharmaceutical products in China, all ingredients must have a Chinese Drug Master File (cDMF). JRS PHARMA is proud to announce cDMF filings for many of their innovative excipient products.

The National Medical Products Administration (NMPA, former CFDA) is the Chinese agency tasked to draft laws and regulations for drugs and medical devices in China.

These cDMF filings allow global pharmaceutical companies to manufacture and sell pharmaceutical products in China, utilizing many of JRS PHARMA’s excipients.

Compliant products include: VIVAPUR® (grades 105, 101, 102, 102SCG, 12, 200, & 112), PROSOLV® SMCC (grades 50, 90, & HD 90), EMCOCEL® (grades 50M, 90M, & 90M Course), LUBRITAB®, VIVASTAR® P, VIVASTAR® P 1000SF, EXPLOTAB®, PRUV®, ELCEMA® F 150, VIVASOL®, VIVAPHARM® PVP K30, VIVAPHARM® PVP K25, VIVAPHARM® PVPP, and VIVAPHARM® PVP VA. 

For additional product regulatory information or information on any of JRS PHARMA’s innovative excipients, please visit jrspharma.com or reach out to your local JRS PHARMA sales representative.


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