Stability of 5 mg/mL Pediatric Prednisone Oral Suspension in Syrspend® SF PH4


Prednisone is a corticosteroid used in several inflammatory diseases and cancers. In France, no available prednisone drinkable formulation exists. Instead, an oral syrup of prednisone with ethanol, sodium benzoate and simple syrup is produced. However, sodium benzoate can induce neonatal icterus and alcohol is not authorized for children below 3 years of age. The aim of this study was to determine the stability of 5 mg/mL prednisone oral suspension in a commercial compounding excipient: Syrspend® SF PH4.



Three batches of oral suspensions were prepared, using micronized prednisone and Syrspend® SF PH4. They were packaged in amber glass vials and stored at room temperature. On day 0, 1, 4, 10, 30, 60 and 90, we observed physical and chemical stability (pH measurement, osmolality measurement, residual concentrations of prednisone and degradation product identification). A stability indicating method was developed using high performance liquid chromatography with Ultraviolet detection at 254 nm.



Prednisone concentrations remained stable within ± 5 % of nominal values for 60 days. No degradation product and change of physicochemical properties were detected.



This study showed that 5 mg/mL prednisone oral suspension in Syrspend® SF PH4 is stable for 60 days, at room temperature and protected from light.


Physicochemical Stability of 5 mg/mL Pediatric Prednisone Oral Suspension in Syrspend® SF PH4
Pharmaceutical Technology in Hospital Pharmacy, ISSN (Online) 2365-242X, ISSN (Print) 2365-2411, DOI:
Physicochemical Stability of 5 mg:mL Pe
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Graphic of chemical formula of Prednisone

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