Webcast: Ready-to-use – When film coating becomes easy, fast & reliable – with Raphael Janousek from BIOGRUND

Wednesday, 17 June 2020 – 03:00 PM CEST 

What are the differences in film coating of solid oral dosage forms? What challenges do I face in developing, sourcing and preparing a film coating?

In our recorded webcast we will discuss conventional in-house preparations as well as ready-to-use systems for solid oral dosage forms. And we will show you which process steps you can optimize when using ready-to-use systems.

The webcast covers:

  • Reasons for film coating
  • Conventional In-house film coating / steps to be taken
  • How to develop a film coating formulation / Preparation problems
  • Suspension preparation with ready-to-use systems
  • Comparison: Ready-to-use vs. In-house film coating

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image from raphael janousek

Raphael Janousek, M.Sc.
Project Manager, BIOGRUND GmbH

Raphael holds a university degree in Bio- and Pharmaceutical Analysis. At BIOGRUND he is part of the global sales team and has a passion for thinking out of the box. He consults pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies in customized formulation projects in Europe.



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