Live Webcast – Market Trends & Clean Label Solutions for Solid Oral Dosage Forms – with Marc Müller from BIOGRUND

Want to discover what drives the dietary supplement consumer today and in future? What does the industry has to do to satisfy the consumer needs? What does Clean Label mean for manufacturers of solid oral dosage forms?

See our recording of the webcast 'Market Trends & Clean Label Solutions for Solid Oral Dosage Forms' to find out, what challenges brand owner & contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) have when they need to develop Clean Label formulations/products.

The recording covers:
–  Market trends
–  Clean label definition
–  Critical excipients in our industry (TiO2, SiO2, synthetic colors etc.)
–  New ingredients for reformulation

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    FAQs about Clean Label:

    How can Biogrund support their customers when they want to reformulate their products?

    • Biogrund has the possibility to support its customers from the idea to the finished product. We can provide our customers with small samples, carry out small-scale technical trials and thus help with reformulation or product development. In addition to these possibilities, we can also refer to the help in the Clean Label Alliance, where machine and tool manufacturers, capsule manufacturers and excipient producers work together and therefore generate synergies for our customers.

    Who decides what product should be 'Clean Label'?

    • The consumer decides which product or product categories should be clean label. From these customer decisions can be deduced that similar product lines should also be clean label. Example: synthetic colors are no longer desired, so it is obvious to reformulate all my products containing these colors to clean label.

    Do you have TiO2 free white and colored film coatings?

    • Yes. BIOGRUND coating formulations are custom made. Therefore, you can personally choose which ingredients/excipients you would like and which you would not.