How to prepare a ready-to-use film coating suspension – a Video explanation

Here is BIOGRUNDs step-by-step guide how to prepare a suspension.

Equipment & Material
Equipment: propeller stirrer, beaker
Material: Water, AquaPolish

Here is a simple calculation for a suspension with for example 20 % solids content:
AquaPolish® : 20 (%) 200g
Water : 80 (%) 800g
Total : 100 (%) 1000g

Positioning the stirrer and beaker
Diameter of the stirrer should be one third of the vessels diameter. The stirrer should be placed centrally in the lower third of the beaker.

Creating a vortex
As soon as the stirrer is in the right position, it can be started. Now it is important that the speed is high enough that a vortex is visible.

Create a vortex without drawing too much air into the solution by adjusting an appropriate stirrer speed.
It is important that the chosen stirrer has enough power and is usable for high viscosities.

Adding AquaPolish
Add the total quantity of AquaPolish® quickly and gradually into the vortex. Flotation of powder must be avoided. Increase stirrer speed if necessary to obtain a vortex.

The AquaPolish® should not be added to the suspension at once.
Increasing the stirrer speed: The rotational speed has to be adjusted during the constant addition of AquaPolish® as the viscosity of the suspension increases due to the dissolving process.


Set timer for 45 minutes
Allow the dispersion to be agitated gently for about 45 minutes. The resulted dispersion should be lump free. After 45 minutes of stirring the suspension is ready to use.

Important: Continue stirring during the spray process!

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