SEPIFILM White TF: White coating agent without TiO2 for tablet coating

SEPIFILM™ White TF is a white, ready-to-use film-coating agent without titanium dioxide. It is a new solution with strong opacifying properties, allowing the obtention of white coated tablets without titanium dioxide.
It has been developed to answer the growing demand for alternatives to titanium dioxide from consumers and pharmaceutical laboratories.


Rising to the challenge of both a white color and opacifying properties 

SEPIFILM™ White TF offers a new and efficient way to make white tablets and to effectively cover imperfections of the tablet cores, thanks to its white color and strong opacifying properties.
Its performance was assessed comparing yellowish placebo tablets coated with SEPIFILM™ White TF and a HPMC-based white coating agent containing titanium dioxide. The results were analyzed with the CIELAB method (L*, a*, b*), commonly used to evaluate the whiteness of coated tablets. The lightness L* represents the darkest black at L* = 0, and the brightest white at L* = 100.        

L* values obtained with SEPIFILM™ White TF are equivalent to those obtained with a tablet coating  agent containing TiO2. 

SEPIFILM White TF performance was also assessed on challenging cores, brown and spotted cores, giving excellent results

Depending on the core, starting with a 3% weight gain, tablets coated with SEPIFILM™ White TF look similar to tablets coated with a coating agent containing TiO2. The weight gain should be adapted depending on the core aspect. 

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Innovative formula

Thanks to Seppic’s strong expertise in coating systems, the right choice of well-known and widely used excipients has enabled the design of an innovative ready-to-use composition without TiO2 with strong covering and whitening properties. No CaCO3 is used, avoiding the yellowish color it can give to coating systems.
SEPIFILMTM White TF is a patented solution. 


SEPIFILM™ White TF is easy to handle. It can be used in aqueous media and gives a homogeneous dispersion after 45 minutes of mixing. Coating is performed with standard SEPIFILMTM coating parameters. 

Seppic’s quality

SEPIFILMTM is EXCiPACT certified. A US DMF Type IV is available.
All components are compliant with EP, USP and JP.
All regulatory documents are available on requests.
SEPIFILM White TF can be used for pharmaceutical & dietary supplement applications.

What about colors? 

Titanium dioxide has unique properties as a whitening and opacifying pigment, and it can be challenging to color match a colored coating without titanium.
Each TIO2-free colored coating project is different, and the realization will depend on the project. Seppic has succeeded in different color-matching projects. Don’t hesitate to contact them for more information ([email protected]): Seppic’s teams will guide you to find the solution that best suits your needs!

Would you like more information? 

SEPIFILM White TF page

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