Celanese Corporation is a global technology leader in the production of differentiated chemistry solutions and specialty materials used in most major industries and consumer applications. Celanese is focused on the pharmaceutical and life science industry by offering innovation in custom polymeric excipients and polymers used in combination medical devices.


Based in Dallas, Celanese employs approximately 7,300 employees worldwide and had 2016 net sales of $5.4 billion. For more information about Celanese and its product offerings in the healthcare and life sciences market, visit healthcare.celanese.com.

VitalDose Eva Polymer Excipients

VitalDose® ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) polymer excipients delivery reliable performance for pharmaceutical drug delivery applications. EVA controlled release excipients are developed for a wide variety of pharmaceutical products with varying routes of administration, including:


– Intraoral

– Intravaginal

– Ocular

– Rectal

– Subcutaneous

– Transdermal


VitalDose advantages:


– Customizable release properties

– Potential for new delivery routes to create product line extensions

– Highly compatible with many active pharmaceutical ingredients, including those sensitive to high

– Favorable biocompatibility profile

– Free of phthalates, heavy metals, PFOA, and halogenated substances.


VitalDose controlled release excipients – Brochure
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For more information visit healthcare.celanese.com