Merck – A Leader in Life Science

Our broad range of formulation products covers excipients for solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage forms for small and large molecules. Additionally, we offer a portfolio of drug delivery compounds (DDCs), as well as solutions for solubility enhancement and controlled release. Benefit from our application know-how and comprehensive global support.

  • Ease your formulation efforts by choosing from a comprehensive portfolio of more than 400 raw materials backed-up with our Emprove® program
  • Alleviate controlled release and solubility challenges with our portfolio of functional excipients
  • Mitigate your risks thanks to our regulatory expertise, application know-how as well as our global and comprehensive support

Merck – A Leader in Life Science

Our purpose is to solve the toughest problems in life science by collaborating with the global scientific community – and through that, we aim to accelerate access to better health for people everywhere.

We provide scientists and engineers with best-in-class lab materials, technologies and services. With our broad portfolio of 300,000 products and our expanded global footprint, we are dedicated to making research, biotech and pharma production simpler, faster and safer.

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Parteck® Excipient Range for Solid Formulation

With formulation challenges in mind, we have used particle engineering technologies to develop functional excipients specifically for solid oral dosage forms. The products in our Parteck® portfolio feature unique particle properties tailored for excellent performance in tableting processes, for specific drug delivery technologies, or for solubility enhancement.


Flexible tableting

Functional excipients for different tableting technologies that achieve high tablet hardness at a low compression force, as well as short disintegration time, and tailored API dosages thanks to the unique particle surface

  • Parteck® M: directly compressible mannitol, combining stability and rapid disintegration
  • Parteck® Delta M: convertible mannitol specifically designed for wet granulation
  • Parteck® SI: directly compressible sorbitol, combining excellent flowability and great mouthfeel
  • Parteck® COAT: particle engineered polyvinyl alcohol providing rapid preparation times and full flexibility in film coating applications
  • Parteck® LUB: range of vegetable-origin stearates for reliable lubrication
  • Parteck® CCS: superdisintegrant for solid formulations


Optimized drug delivery

Functional excipients that modify the release kinetics of your formulation and for different routes of administration

  • Parteck® SRP 80: polyvinyl alcohol-based excipient for consistent, sustained drug release of solid oral formulations
  • Parteck® ODT: rapid disintegration and exceptional strength for orally disintegrating tablets
  • Parteck® M DPI: mannitol-based versatile alternative carrier for dry powder inhalation applications


Enhanced solubility

Functional excipients that boost the efficacy of your final drug product by enhancing API solubility

  • Parteck® SLC: silica drug carrier with a unique surface structure
  • Parteck® MXP: polyvinyl alcohol for hot-melt extrusion, allowing for stable and high drug loads

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Liquid Formulation

An extensive portfolio with regulatory support.

Our portfolio for liquid dose formulation offers an extensive range of high-quality excipients for your parenteral, oral, ophthalmic, otic or nasal applications. We provide you with solvents, preservatives, stabilizers, antioxidants and products for pH adjustments. We support you in every step of development, scale-up, and production with services that range from process optimization to regulatory affairs support, providing production according to applicable GMP guidelines.

Sucralose: A readily soluble sweetener well-suitable for liquid and solid application that masks both bitterness and medicinal off-notes with equal ease.

PLA/PLGA biodegradable polymers: portfolio of polymers for sustained release of small molecule and selected peptide injectables

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Biomolecule Formulation

Formulation with the process in mind.

Chemicals play an important role in the stabilization of a biologic drug during its manufacturing and formulation process – for instance, by preventing aggregation. We offer a wide range of high-quality stabilizers, buffers and salts to successfully formulate your biomolecules.

Specifically developed for high-risk applications, our buffers, salts and stabilizers are low in bioburden and endotoxins. They are supported by our Emprove® Program and come with extensive documentation, helping you minimize regulatory and quality-associated risks in your biopharmaceutical manufacturing. In addition, you can take advantage of functionalized PEGs, lipids and biodegradable polymers to formulate advanced drug delivery systems.

  • Trehalose: stabilizer for biomolecule formulations featuring low endotoxin and bioburden levels with a state-of-the art manufacturing process dedicated for high-risk applications
  • Granulated glycine: Its reduced caking behavior leads to better flowability, which facilitates handling and processing.
  • Synthetic lipids: tailored manufacturing of top-quality GMP lipids for pharmaceutical applications as well as an off-the-shelf offer of lipids with optimized stability, solubility, and handling characteristics
  • Biodegradable polymer platform for sustained release of biologics: polymer technology for injectable sustained release of large peptides and proteins, complemented with manufacturing, process development, and formulation services
  • Functionalized PEGs: customized and standard high-quality products for PEGylation of therapeutic proteins

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The Emprove® Program

Your fast track through regulatory challenges.

Ensuring the compliance of your pharma and biopharma products involves the compilation of a vast amount of data, which can be time- and resource-intensive. In order to facilitate and accelerate this process, we developed our Emprove® Program. It includes 400 pharma raw and starting materials and a selection of filtration and single-use products. Each product in the portfolio is complemented with three different types of dossiers supporting you throughout the different stages of your operations: qualification, risk assessment, and process optimization – all designed to help you speed your way through the regulatory maze.

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