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Pharmatrans Sanaq AG logoPHARMATRANS offers excipients and active ingredients of outstanding quality and performance. With our research & development skill and tradition we commit to study innovative technological solutions providing excipients contributing successfully to smart and efficient pharmaceutical formulations. We offer value added functional solutions to your formulation in solid dosage delivery systems and related technologies.

Direct Compression

The processing of drug with excipients can be achieved without any need of granulation and related unit operations. By simply mixing in a blender, formulation ingredients can be processed and compressed into tablets without any of the ingredients having to be changed.

The successful application of direct compression technique in tablet manufacture especially for low and medium dosage range of drugs can be attributed to the availability of new excipients, modified form of old excipients.

The processes involved in the manufacture of tablets by direct compression method can be summarized in different steps (i.e. Direct compression technique using induced die feeders; Direct compression technique using dry binders) or using specifically excipients.


Direct compression technique using direct compression excipients

A direct compression excipient also referred to as direct compressible excipient or direct compression filler/binders are inert, non-medicinal substances which may be compacted with no difficulty and which may do so even when mixed with drug substances. Direct compressible excipients should exhibit satisfactory tabletting characteristics. This is because they determine the overall characteristics of the tablet, particularly in regard to the fluidity of the component powders. Direct compressible excipients can also influence the hardness, disintegration and dissolution characteristics of the finished tablets.

The production of tablets by direct compression necessitates the inclusion of certain grades of excipients to achieve the correct powder flow and compression properties. These excipients have typically been prepared by specific methods to achieve the correct physicochemical properties (e.g., particle size/distribution and flow properties) and consist in;

  • Diluents/fillers
  • Disintegrants
  • Lubricants
  • Glidants

Our Platforms for Direct Compression: DICOM SANAQ line

Pharmatrans approach and vision in DC wants to go ahead exploring customized excipients to provide materials tailored to be used for DC.

DICOM SANAQ offers readymade blends for direct compression and sustained release formulations helping you to find what you are looking for.

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