Troubleshooting Guide – Top 10 Coating Errors And How To Avoid Them

10 Errors that can occur during the coating process and how to avoid them

Many parameters must be considered before and during the coating process. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust parameters to get the best possible result.

See the troubleshooting guide as a video here:

The correct and precise choice of process parameters is crucial for a flawless result and an optimal coating. Various influencing factors can lead to useless coating results. If the tablet is too soft or the tablet shape has been chosen incorrectly. But also a too low air pressure or a too high spray rate can lead to unwanted results. To avoid this and to optimize the coating process, many changes can be made.

In the BIOGRUND Troubleshooting Guide you will find possible reasons and solutions for the respective problem, which will make your troubleshooting easier and faster.


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