Preparation of Acetaminophen with Fujicalin® and a comparison of Fujicalin® with other commercially available DCPA’s

Blending and Content Uniformity ofMicronized Low-Density Acetaminophen Comparison of Fujicalin® with Other DCPA’s

Fujicalin® is an innovative Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Anhydrous (DCPA) that provides significantly improved compressibility and flowability when compared to other DCPA’s. The blending of micronized and low dose drugs can pose challenges due to problems related to segregation, content uniformity and physical stability. The micronized drug substances may exhibit increased cohesiveness and a tendency to segregate in the blend. Choice of excipients with narrow particle size variation, appropriate bulk density, selection of suitable equipment, and technique are among the factors that contribute to an easy, stable blending of powders with different particle sizes.

Experimental methods

Acetaminophen tablets were prepared with the direct compression technique on Fujicalin® and three other DCPA’s. Then micronized acetaminophen (14 μm) was blended with DCPA’s and the resulting powder, as well as its tablet properties, were compared with Fujicalin®.

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Source: Fuji Chemical Industries technical newsletter “Issue 01 – Fujicalin®”

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