The most compactible Microcrystalline Cellulose: Ceolus™ KG-1000

On behalf of Asahi, Seppic is happy to present you the most highly compactible microcrystalline cellulose Ceolus™ KG 1000.

You look for a solution to poorly compactible API by direct compression:

Preventing the tableting issues and making very hard tablet of high dose Metformin HCl in direct compression using the most highly compactible microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) Ceolus™ KG-1000.


Ceolus™ KG-1000 is the most compactible Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC). KG-1000 is useful for preventing the tableting issues such as capping and making very hard tablet (high hardness and low friability). It is more effective for high dose formulation of poorly compactible API. Metformin HCl is very popular as such kind of API.

The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of KG-1000 on the tablet characteristics in high dose Metformin HCl formulation in direct compression.

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  • KG-1000 has the world highest compactibility in all MCC grades.
  • KG-1000 has the lowest bulk density which facilitates plastic deformation effectively.
  • KG-1000 particles have extremely large L/D value, the ratio of length to width of particle. These particles easily arrange perpendicularly to the applied force upon compaction.
  • Therefore, the contact area of the MCC particles is increased.

Ceolus KG-1000 figure 1-2

Method of CEOLUS KG1000


  • KG-1000 showed much higher tablet hardness than KG-802 and SMCC50.
  • SMCC50 showed very high friability because all tablets occurred capping during friability test.
  • KG-802 showed also high friability at high compression force.
  • KG-1000 showed the lowest friability and reached below 0.2%, which is required in tablet coating.
  • Tablet weight RSD of KG-1000 kept below 1%.

CEOLUS KG1000 figure 3-5


Ceolus™ KG-1000 has the highest compactibility in all MCC grades due to its long fibrous particles.

This study investigated that Ceolus™ KG-1000 is the most effective MCC in preventing capping and making hard tablet of high dose Metformin HCl in direct compression.


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