Effect of directly compressible excipient and treated agar on drug release of clopidogrel oral disintegrating tablets

Aim: In the present investigation, oral dissolving/dispersible/disintegrating tablets (ODTs) of clopidogrel were designed with a view to enhance the bioavailability and patient compliance by two different methods, namely, direct compression and effervescent methods using directly compressible excipient and treated agar (TAG). Materials & methods: In the direct compression method, TAG was used as a disintegrant and another method used a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid along with TAG as disintegrants. Results: Among the directly compressed tablets, treated agar formulation 3 and among the effervescent tablets, treated agar and effervescent formulation 4 was found to be promising. Conclusion: Treated agar formulation 3 prepared by direct compression method emerged as an overall best formulation based on the in vitro drug release characteristics.


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