Excipient Stability in Oral Solid Dosage Forms

The choice of excipients constitutes a major part of preformulation and formulation studies during the preparation of pharmaceutical dosage forms. The physical, mechanical, and chemicalpropertiesofexcipients affect various formulation parameters, such as disintegration, dissolution, and shelf life, and significantly influence the final product. Therefore, several studies have beenperformedtoevaluate the effect of drug-excipient interactions on the overall formulation. This article reviews the information available on the physical and chemical instabilities of excipientsandtheirincompatibilities with the active pharmaceutical ingredient in solid oral dosage forms, during various drug-manufacturing processes. The impact of these interactions on the drugformulationprocesshas been discussed in detail. Examples of various excipients used in solid oral dosage forms have been included to elaborate on different drug-excipient interactions.

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