Lipid based excipients by IOI Oleo – Overview brochure

For lipid-based excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients “Made in Germany” – you can rely on IOI Oleo.

Decades of experience and expertise shape today’s quality of our specialty products and drive new product developments and operational excellence.

As a result, IOI Oleo brand names are considered all over the globe as the benchmark in parenteral nutrition as in well as topical, oral and rectal applications and animal health.
Quality, compliance, functionality, and technical support are the cornerstones of the day-to-day cooperation with customers and partners.

Our dedication and strict commitment to the highest product purity and safety are reflected every day in the effort of our employees and the pursuit of continuous improvement.
The repeated confirmation of our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) by the responsible competent German authority and the US FDA acknowledge our intention to deliver quality leadership to the healthcare industry.

  1. DYNASAN® Monoacid triglycerides for various applications
  2. IMWITOR® Functionalized lipids for drug delivery systems
  3. MIGLYOL® MCT oil and related C8-C10 fatty esters
  4. SOFTIGEN® Liquid solubilizer for lipophilic substances
  5. SOFTISAN® Specialties for topical and oral application forms
  6. WITEPSOL® Hard fats for suppositories and ovules

IOI Oleo – Lipid-based excipients made in Germany, manufactured in our EU GMP-certified and US FDA-approved production facility.

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We add excellence to excipients

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Source: IOI Oleo  GmbH brochure “We add excellence to excipients”

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