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Pick-by-Voice is a picking solution that enables the packaging operators to control the picking process by receiving spoken commands and giving acoustic feedback. Correct picking situation this way is con-firmed easily and if necessary, quantity can be corrected. As a result, operators only need to use their hands for the picking itself. By freeing the operator’s hands to handle the stock items, Pick-by-Voice ensures an ergonomic and efficient pick sequence. Without the need to handle wireless data terminals and paper lists eliminated, the order picker can focus entirely on retrieving the required items.


Paperless picking system, hands free in the warehouse, the advantages are obvious:

  • Up to a 35% improvement in picking productivity
  • Up to 20% better performance in comparison to wireless data
  • Up to 99.9% picking accuracy
  • Picking process is directly linked to the warehouse management
  • Multiple simultaneous picking processes can be implemented
  • Number of operators is flexibly adaptable
  • Scalable and cost-effective solution
Two photos showing packaging in the pharmaceutical industry
Pick-by-voice – New ways of packaging operations

Pick-by-voice – maximum benefit through further process integration

High-speed picking processes are then bringing the highest benefits when integrated into an optimized Order Fulfillment process. What does that mean? Order fulfillment comprises of all the steps a com-pany has to take between receiving a new customer’s order and placing the requested goods finally into the customer’s hands. The process involves warehousing, picking and packing the products, ship-ping them, preparing and issuing the invoice. Of course this process can be implemented in-house in the best possible way.


However, why not take into consideration to outsource the Order Fulfillment process to a full-service provider or partially, e.g. the logistical part only and keep the commercial part (Order taking, invoicing) in-house?

General benefits of outsourcing the Order Fulfillment process

  • No need for settling long-term warehouse leases, with a fulfillment service, a monthly fee only for the amount of occupied space has to be paid
  • Fulfillment services can negotiate a better rate with couriers due to greater shipping volumes
  • If the business is growing, no worries about warehouse space, finding quality fulfillment staff, and negotiating great prices with shipping companies; companies then can focus on hiring staff with the talents and business savvy necessary to grow your business, not pack and ship the boxes
  • Fulfillment company are able to store, organize, and ship customer’s orders more efficiently by doing the work of receiving, storing, and managing the handled products in a professional manner
  • Most important, a fulfillment service eliminates the risk of shipping errors; their state of the art inventory technology, automated processes, streamlined pick and pack methods, and advanced receiving and return procedures ensure accurate and efficient order fulfillment processing

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High-speed picking process
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