Innovative Drinking Straw Drug Delivery System Helping Patients

Many children make a disgusted face when they are supposed to take drugs. This is understandable: Medicine often tastes bitter and sometimes, the swallowing of tablets is difficult or even impossible. Also the elderly or people with swallowing difficulties often have problems with this kind of drug intake. Recent studies show that more than 50% of patients in Germany and the US have difficulties with the use of tablets and capsules.

This is when people make the mistake of crushing their medication or dissolving it in water – with potentially fatal consequences. Crushing or dissolving coated tablets, which are not supposed to activate in the stomach but only later upon reaching the intestine, or their active ingredients are supposed to be released over time, can lead to severe or even life threatening side effects. Moreover, for patients who have to swallow tablets over a longer period of time, a new method of taking drugs is a welcome change. Fortunately, XStraw® offers a real alternative.

The XStraw® is a drinking straw that is filled with pellets or granules with taste masking properties. Patients can hardly sense these tiny globules. They drink a pleasant beverage, while at the same time taking exactly the amount of medicine required – completely without any unpleasant swallowing sensations or taste experiences.

The straw is filled on fully automatic lines with precisely the amount required. That way, the medication is pre-dosed by the manufacturer and incorrect dosing is avoided. When drinking, the control filter moves upwards giving the patient or caretaker assurance that the intended drug amount was taken correctly.

The XStraw® has been specifically developed for pediatrics and geriatrics and guarantees simple and convenient intake. Patients with swallowing difficulties no longer experience pain when swallowing tablets. The very easy use combined with an individual choice of beverage and thus a choice of flavor makes the drinking straw extremely popular with patients. Upon request, the XStraw® can be printed with a brand name or dosage amount for marketing purposes.

Thanks to polypropylene components that are perfectly coordinated with one another, and hermetically sealed packaging in aluminium pouches, special storage conditions are not required.


Dose Sipping Technology: Oral application system for pellets

DS-Technology is your contact when it comes to the delivery of XStraw® components and issuing of licenses. Customers experience comprehensive expertise and support in the development and production of  multiparticulate dosage forms (“pellets/granules”), supply of material components, implementation of the production process by creating suitable facilities and, if requested, in arranging for contract manufacturers that provide the appropriate machinery.

As a system provider, the company DS-Technology offers the complete portfolio of fully automatic processing systems for the filling and packaging of the XStraw®.

DS-Technology closely cooperates with the companies Glatt, Raumedic and Harro Höfliger. These companies will provide assistance along your entire value chain.

Should a customer require support for the development and production of pellets or granules, the company Glatt will be happy to assist with their expertise.

The company Harro Höfliger supplies the dosing and packaging technology. The enterprise is known for their expertise in production technologies for the pharmaceutical industry, and offers wide-ranging support with their Pharma Service.

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European Pediatric Formulation Initiative (EuPFi)

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