INSTACOAT 4G: Innovative tablet coating formulation

INSTACOATTM 4G is a ready-mixed powder that can be rapidly reconstituted in water, for the film coating of solid oral dosage forms. It contains polymer, plasticizer, pigments, etc. in optimal ratios to achieve significant benefits in terms of processability and product quality.

It is available in a wide range of shades to customer specifications.

Features and benefits of INSTACOATTM 4G

  • PVA is a low viscosity polymer
  • Coatings are smooth, glossy and resilient to physical damage. Packaging speeds are enhanced.
  • Solids levels up to 35% facilitate rapid coating thus major productivity gains.
  • PVA is highly water soluble
  • Rapid suspension preparation
  • Minimal impact on dissolution and disintegration.
  • Avoids use of expensive super-disintegrants in tablet core.
  • Aqueous processing promotes a safe working environment and avoidance of atmospheric pollution.
  • Anti-tack agent
  • Overcomes PVA tack issues and contributes to productivity gains.
  • PVA is a highly adhesive polymer & is supplemented by an adhesive enhancing agent.
  • Excellent logo definition and freedom from coating faults such as logo bridging despite high application rates.
  • Can be applied in a wide range of equipment designs and sizes from most manufacturers.
  • Easy scale-up and transfer to different equipment types or manufacturing sites.
  • Suitable for batch and continuous processes.
  • Single polymer and absence of soya lecithin.
  • Facilitates product registration in multiple regulatory environments.

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