MeltPrep – Rapid and Lossless Screening of Hot-melt Extruded Formulations


Hot-melt extrusion is well established in the plastics industry and is applied in pharmaceutical application for more than 30 years. In contrast to plastics, pharmaceutical formulation development is more complex as each formulation is unique in terms of compositions of active pharmaceutical ingredients, carrier and additives. Therefore, new innovative solutions are demanded to tackle the pharma-specific challenges in formulation development like how to prevent losses with expensive material and how to handle sensitive materials formulations. Vacuum Compression Molding (VCM) by MeltPrep is a novel fusion-based screening method designed for those requirements. It mimics extrusion by melting a homogeneous micronized powder in an evacuated and adaptable sample chamber. The chamber is formed by disposable foils and prototype tablets with defined geometries are obtained within minutes and without tedious cleaning. The implementation of VCM in the formulation development can lead to a lean formulation and process design. Less material and time and thus money is required to achieve development goals based on material understanding.


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