Excipient companies at PBP World Meeting 2021

11 – 14 May 2021 | Online Conference

Due to the COVID crisis, the 12th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology and its accompanying exhibition ResearchPharm® will be held online.

A lot of our partners will, among others, participate at the 12th PBP World Meeting. Really interesting are the following speeches:

BASF at PBP world meeting
BASF at PBP world meeting


“Digital assistant to support drug product development” – Ferdinand Brandl

Join Ferdinand Brandl’s presentation at the hot topic session on May 11th!

See also our interesting webinar on ZoomLab™: Digitally guiding dosage form and formulation for improved solubility here!


“Taste Masking for paediatrics using Hot Melt Coating” – Dr. Raphael Janousek

If you’re interested in the newest developments of titanium dioxide (TiO2) free coatings, check out the BIOGRUND booth!


Merck at PBP World Meeting
Merck at PBP World Meeting

Merck is looking forward to contribute technical presentations on solid formulation, liquid formulation and drug delivery topics.

  • “Viscosity Reducing Excipients for Protein Therapeutics” – Tobias Rosenkranz
  • “SynBiosys® based long acting injectable microparticle formulations for large proteins​” – Tanja Henzler
  • “Excipient combinations to reduce protein viscosity​” poster presentation by Tobias Rosenkranz
  • Mesoporous silica: a solution for amorphous stabilization of poor glass formers​” poster presentation by Daniel Joseph Price
  • “Sucrose Low in Nanoparticulate Impurities for Biopharmaceutical Formulations” poster presentation by Nelli Erwin
  • “Dry granulation vs direct compression: Formulation”  – Finn Bauer

Gattefossé at PBP World Meeting
Gattefossé at PBP World Meeting


Don’t miss Dr. Camille Dumont poster presentation at PBP – session Bioavailability and absorption enhancement, Friday, 14.05.2021, 1.15 pm to 2.45 pm CEST

Download the full programme guide of the PBP World Meeting as a PDF here

ingredientpharm at PBP World Meeting
ingredientpharm at PBP World Meeting


Join ingredientpharm at their booth during the PBP World Meeting and get your pellet samples for free to support your academical work!


Granutools improves powder understanding by delivering leading edge physical characterization laboratory devices. Have a look at their booth to get more information! Moreover, Granutools is presenting two new posters at PBP World Meeting! See the latest article from Granutools about “GranuTools powder characterization study on the influence of the drug load on pharmaceutical blends processability” here!

Lubrizol Life Science Health

Join Lubrizol Life Science Health at their booth during the PBP World Meeting and get more information about Carbopol® polymers, Noveon® Polycarbophil and a lot more!

For more information, visit the PBP World Meeting website here!

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