Pharmacological Properties of Faster-Acting Insulin Aspart

Purpose of Review

Faster aspart is a new formulation of insulin aspart (IAsp) produced by adding the excipients niacinamide and L-arginine. As this new, “ultra-rapid insulin” is available in the EU-market and Canada, the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics data is summarized.

Recent Findings

Faster aspart shows an earlier onset of appearance of insulin in the bloodstream after subcutaneous administration and an earlier onset of glucose-lowering action and a higher glycemic effect within the first 30 min. Faster aspart administered by pump is indeed faster than conventional aspart with a faster on (− 11 min), faster off (− 24 min), and more than 100% greater insulin action within the first 30 min. Tolerability of faster aspart is similar to that of Iasp; the same holds true for compatibility in pump use.


Faster aspart shows a faster occurrence of insulin in the blood compared with IAsp in subcutaneous injection. Improvements over current analogs may be more pronounced in pumps than with injections. Data from phase IIIa studies confirm the reduction of postprandial glucose excursions that can be achieved with faster aspart.

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