See the new organic certified tableting premix from Biogrund – CompactCel® FLO Organic.

CompactCel FLO Organic helps to ensure a stable and consistent powder flow during the tableting and capsule filling process. Plus it reduces the interparticle friction.

CompactCel® FLO is a flow agent for loosening powder mixtures and improving flowability. The ready-to-use powder compound replaces synthetic additives such as silicon dioxide. It prevents bridge formation during flow from hopper and provides a clean funnel flow of the powder mass to be processed during both tableting and capsule filling.

The non-synthetic premix is used in the pharmaceutical but also in the nutraceutical industry. It consists of small particles and adheres to the particle surface of bulk materials, thereby reducing the adhesion force and increasing the flowability. In the pharmaceutical version, raw materials are used that meet the relevant pharmacopoeia criteria.
For the nutraceutical industry, on the other hand, only natural and label friendly raw materials are used in the formulation.

The formulations for the nutraceutical industry are available in two different kinds. One is the natural variant, which contains finely selected natural ingredients, and the other is the CompactCel® FLO Organic variant, which contains only certified organic ingredients. It supports the Clean Label strategies for nutritional products and is also certified with the EU and US label for organic food. Regulatory and quality aspects: All CompactCel® FLO formulations are developed to meet the official regulatory requirements of the user’s country for pharmaceutical products and nutritional or dietary supplements.

The angle of repose shows the maximum angle of inclination at which, e. g. powder mixtures remain in place without slipping. The addition of CompactCel® FLO to the microcrystalline cellulose 102 has a positive effect on the flowability – comparable to the addition of silicon dioxide.

See the full brochure of CompactCel® FLO as PDF here:

Brochure CompactCel FLO Organic
Brochure CompactCel Flow Organic


Source: Biogrund

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