WITEPSOL® as a carrier of the “Green Rush”

Cannabis was banned almost everywhere on earth for nearly eight decades. But legalisation in many parts of the world triggered a boom in demand. In the meantime, the “green rush” has become a popular term, based on the “gold rush”. Cannabis is known mainly for its intoxicating effects, but it is worth taking a closer look because it has a completely different side …

The female cannabis plant produces more than a hundred different cannabinoids. But, above all, the plant is notorious for one active ingredient: Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is considered a drug due to its intoxicating effect and was largely illegal for a long time. Through its use in medical care and extensive research on its effects, it has become clear that the plant has promising potential in various respects – apart from its intoxicating effect. Cannabis is a medicinal plant with a long tradition.

Recently, another active ingredient in the cannabis plant has been causing a real hype. We are talking about cannabidiol (CBD), which is said to have a calming, relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect and is mainly sold in the form of oils, drops and dietary supplements. CBD is not psychoactive and therefore freely available. You could rightly ask why CBD oil does not have a permanent place in medicine cabinets at home, like tea tree oil or ginger drops do. The answer is simple: the active ingredient is obtained from cannabis and, along with the THC, is tacitly recognised as a drug.

We have been observing an ecological trend for a long time and have reported in various articles why sustainability is important to us (sustainable choice with IOI Oleo GmbH, MIGLYOL® 8810, green-electricity). As a natural product, the hemp plant fits perfectly with the “green trend” with its various uses. It is therefore not surprising that attractive growth forecasts are being made for the market for medicinal and lifestyle cannabis products.

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suppositories from IOI Oleo

Our WITEPSOL® hard fat portfolio also fits perfectly with the CBD. IOI Oleo GmbH is the leading manufacturer of these well-known carriers for ovules and suppositories and has investigated the suitability for the formulation of cannabinoids. Compared to conventional cocoa butter, which is also used for these dosage forms, our WITEPSOL® is technically an excellent alternative in terms of:

  • Greater stability against oxidation
  • Reproducibility of the properties, from batch to batch
  • No seasonality of a natural product

The main challenge for every formulator is the optimal combination of active ingredients and carriers. The final product must be stable over the longest possible period, maintains its functionality and does not develop any aesthetic defects on the outside. Depending on the type, origin and quality of the cannabinoids, stabilisation against oxidation and photochemical stress may be necessary.

In our numerous tests, we discovered, that the addition of selected stabilisers can protect formulated systems made from WITEPSOL® and cannabis extracts from such undesirable effects. If you want to know how we have achieved this, please use the contact form at the bottom

Our WITEPSOL® product range is not only suitable for ovules and suppositories; it is also used for other dosage forms such as creams, (chewable) tablets, capsule filling compounds or for microencapsulation. In combination with CBD and the known properties, ideas for interesting lifestyle products quickly emerge. The WITEPSOL® family offers interested formulators and producers a number of benefits:

  • Additives from GMP-Production
  • Up to 100% vegetable origin
  • Generally recognized as safe
  • Typ 4 DMF (Drug Master File)
  • Technical application advice from the market leader
  • Network of potential contract manufacturers
  • Pastillation in a class D clean room environment and a fully automated packaging process

Further information on the WITEPSOL® product range can be found in the corresponding brochure (click here for the brochure). We describe everything about our manufacturing standards and quality requirements in the “Quality & Regulatory” brochure.

WITEPSOL® and CBD – a perfect Fit for the “Green Rush”.


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