Gluten-free mannitol excipient for tableting from Roquette

A new wheat-free mannitol grade for direct compression is now available with similar direct compression tableting properties to complementary PEARLITOL® SD mannitol grades, enabling high productivity direct compression tableting, a key manufacturing process for nutraceutical supplement companies. PEARLITOL® SW-F is a wheat-free composition developed through a secure supply chain & manufacturing process controls, enabling in-demand consumer claim of gluten-free. The product is additionally tooth-friendly (sugar-free) and non-GMO.

Roquette’s spray-dried PEARLITOL® SD mannitol grades, particularly 200SD, have long been considered a leading direct compression functional filler/diluent for oral dosage nutraceutical, OTC and prescription products. This multifunctional excipient has commercially been employed in chewable and oral disintegrating tablets (ODT’s), including many vitamin supplements on the market today, among other customized oral dosage forms and actives.

With excellent powder flow and compressibility performance, there are a number of reasons to choose PEARLITOL® SD grades, including for their inherent non-hygroscopic property that enhances active stability and pleasing cool taste appreciated by consumers.

This newest addition to the PEARLITOL® SD product line is further highly appealing to health conscious and diet restrictive consumers. Roquette products are backed by long-standing industry relationships and a deep understanding of oral dosage forms, enabling the development of robust, functional, high-quality drug products. From orally dispersible films to effervescent tablets, our R&D and Technical teams understand the requirements and challenges of your formulation.

Learn more about PEARLITOL® SW-F (wheat-free) mannitol and order a sample now at

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