Orally disintegrating dosage forms

An orally disintegrating tablet is a novel formulation that dissolves in the saliva within a few seconds and without requiring of drinking additional water. This dosage form is a powerful way to deliver active drugs ingredients because it has many advantages. Many studies have compared this form of tablet with the ordinary forms in vitro and in vivo and found that orally disintegrating tablets have superior patient compliance and drug solubility. However, there are some criteria for the active pharmaceutical ingredients to prepare tablets as fast dissolve forms. There are several ways to prepare this dosage form and each method has its pros and cons. Technologies of preparation and various examples of orally disintegrating tablet available in the market using different preparing procedures are presented in this review. Taste masking is required form some active pharmaceutical ingredients to be formed as orally disintegrating tablets. In vitro evaluation and quality control measures of orally disintegrating tablet is also discussed in this review.

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