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Kolliwax® SA





As lipophilic lubricant Kolliwax® SA is the first choice for sensitive acidic APIs. It is commonly also used as viscosity regulator for oil-in-water emulsions and as a pH independent sustained release agent. Kolliwax® SA acts as a plasticizer with included consistency factor in solid dispersions. It hardens suppository formulations and adjust their melting points.

Why choose Kolliwax® SA?

  • Fully approved pharmaceutical-grade excipient – for your peace of mind
  • Pasticizer with included consistency factor functionality
  • Lipophilic lubricant and the first choice for sensitive acidic APIs
  • Viscosity regulator with a higher melting point
  • Guaranteed performance across a wide variety of applications
  • Innovative solutions for better, more stable formulations

Major Applications of Kolliwax® SA

Emulsions: Kolliwax® grades can be used for all kinds of topical pharmaceutical applications such as gels, lotions and creams. All Kolliwax® grades act as consistency factors and co-emulsifiers at the same time. With their amphiphilic structure they will stabilize the surface between oil and water and will help to enhance the viscosity with building up a liquid crystalline network in the water-phase (lamellar structure). Kolliwax® SA is able to stabilize W/O and O/W emulsion and will help top create a unique softness and creaminess in the end application. Kolliwax® SA is mainly used as structure-building consistency factor for semi-solids such as creams, emulsions, ointments and gels as well as a viscosity regulator with a higher melting point.

Lubrication: Kolliwax® SA is a lipophilic lubricant and the first choice for sensitive acidic APIs. As solid lubricant it is suitable for direct compression, wet granulation and roll compaction of tablets and capsules.

Plasticizer: In solid dispersions, Kolliwax® SA also acts as plasticizer with an included consistency factor functionality. It is suitable for melt granulation, spray drying and hot melt extrusion (HME) processes.

Suppository masses: Suppository formulations can be hardened and adjusted in their melting point by the addition of Kolliwax® SA.

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JP, Ph.Eur., USP/NF

Dosage Form

Capsules, Creams, emulsion, gels, Lotions, Tablets


Co-Emulsifier, Consistency factors & viscosity enhancement, Direct compression, Lubricant, plasticizer, Structurants & matrix builders, wet granulation

Technical Name

Stearyl Alcohol





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